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Commercial Waste Management

REE WASTE is a professional waste management company. We collect your rubbish whatever your requirements.

As a specialist in Commercial rubbish removal for various business sectors we understand your business waste collection needs. Our waste management services are popular with businesses looking to save costs, protect the environment, and enjoy a professional prompt service.

Commercial waste collection varies in size, type and requirements for businesses. London rubbish removal, a surrey rubbish removal and a waste removal in South East England may well be very different in requirements due to the nature of the business, size of premises and the hours they operate. One thing that does remain consistent is that businesses are looking for a low-cost rubbish removal service that is professional in rubbish collections. REE WASTE is exactly that. We are professional and fully licenced. Our team is highly trained to ensure their courteous and helpful attitude adds value to your rubbish removal requirements.

Have your business rubbish removed knowing you are partnering with a fully licenced waste carrier. We collect your business waste and dispose of it at fully licensed recycling centres. REE WASTE complies with British requirements for waste disposal.

REE WASTE’s most popular waste removal services include our “wait and load service” with same-day and scheduled collection options.

View some examples of REE WASTE rubbish removal and waste management services below:

Retail store clearance

Cheaper than skip hireRetail rubbish removal .

REE WASTE offers commercial waste collection and waste management services for retail businesses. If your retail shop has excess rubbish, simply contact us and we will ensure the removal of rubbish is conducted promptly with our scheduled, same day, or out of hours services. REE WASTE also removes retail waste on a regular basis if you require a waste contract agreement for the purposes of your regular business waste needs. Waste can be collected mixed, or separate into glass, general and paper collections.

Waste management for eventsEvents Waste Collection.

REE WASTE understands the events sector. We know that rubbish removal needs to implemented in a timely and strategic manner. We can conduct bulk commercial waste collection and conduct full events waste management for your event. Whether you events waste collection at the end of an event, or would like REE WASTE to manage the total waste management of your event, we can assist with our experienced team. From waste disposal locations, regular small waste clearance to large scale rubbish removals. Events we have catered for include exhibitions, conferences, private parties, celebrations, meetings, weddings, music gigs, local community street parties, concerts and festivals.

Events Waste Clearance
Garden Rubbish Removal

Cheaper than skip hireGrounds Waste Removal .

REE WASTE conducts Waste Removal and rubbish removal services for residential grounds and commercial grounds. Our grounds waste collection can be one-off or regular. As an experienced rubbish removal service, we collect rubbish from designated areas or from various locations within grounds. Grounds waste varies from residential waste, food waste, cardboard, garden waste, construction waste, retail waste, fly-tipping clearance and more. We assist grounds managers and grounds owners, complex owners with the maintenance of land with professional commercial waste collection.

Create space in your officeOffice Clearance .

The collection of office waste varies greatly between the type of business and its requirements. We cater for paper related rubbish such as large brochures, leaflets, magazine clearance to stationary clearance. For office clearance whatever the size, REE WASTE can bulk shred your confidential waste items for security measures and always recycle as part of our commercial waste collection service.

REE waste management also deals with other aspects of a large-scale office clearance such as computer network disposal, IT equipment collections, office furniture removals. All electronics waste including old laptops, old desktop computers, old printers, network wires, old servers are all disposed of WEEE standards. We always dispose at WEEE certified locations and can provide with a proof of rubbish consignment note. Hard disks can be destructed with hard disk shredding, hard disk degaussing, and hard drive sanitising.

REE waste management regularly deals with office clearance and understands the professional nature of this rubbish clearance. We work closely with project managers, office managers, landlords and commercial estate agents to implement their required level of rubbish removal and office clearance. Whether for operational reasons or to revamp of office space and locations. REE WASTE management is experienced in bulk office Waste Removal and we can clear rubbish for small offices, medium offices, large offices and office blocks, serviced offices.

Empty office rusbbish removal
Shop Rip Outs

Cheaper than skip hireShop Rip Outs .

REE WASTE services include rubbish collection and rubbish removal for commercial businesses and shop rip-outs. We do not just collect your rubbish, but we can also help clear retail premises. We can be involved on the scale you require. Whether we come¬† “wait and load” or we actively get involved in removing fixtures and fittings in your shop. Retail spaces are constantly revamped to maximise their appeal with new visual appeal and for new businesses to enter existing sites. Our experience in shop rip out and retail rip outs as part of our commercial waste collection services, will give you a competitive advantage by providing a prompt, and value service for your shop.

Create space in your homeEnd of Tenancy .

When tenants leave your property, they often leave large amounts of unwanted rubbish. REE WASTE is here to help with end of tenancy rubbish removals. We can come into the property and carry unwanted furniture and items out or we can collect form your front door. The level of service you need for end-of-tenancy rubbish removal is available to you. We understand tenants change with short deadlines, and new tenants wait to enter.  As part of our commercial waste collection service, REE WASTE works with you to these tight deadlines. Rubbish removal for landlords does not have to be stressful. We can arrange same day services and scheduled pickups for your end of tenancy clearance needs.

Estate Agency End of Tenancy
Office Clearance Company

Cheaper than skip hireProbate Estate Clearance .

REE waste offers a sympathetic and professional service to those who have lost their love ones, to Court of Protection solicitors, and Probate solicitors. We understand this can be a demanding time for families and professionals alike. The process of administering probate valuations is of utmost importance. As part of our commercial waste collection service, REE waste can clear properties of any nature for you for probate estate clearance. We can collect all letters, valuable documents, search for title deeds, wills, title-deeds, legal documents, bank statements, valuable items, and any other items of importance for you. We can attend the property supervised or unsupervised, we can manage the probate estate clearance process for you. Once items have been located, they can be packed ready to be couriered or delivered to the required location. We can then clear the property of all furniture and unwanted items and conduct professional bulk shredding of documents where required. REE waste can also arrange and have it ready for valuation or ready to be utilised as you or your clients require. We can have the property valued by a credited RICS accredited surveyor and RICS accredited Chattel reports with full probate valuation of the assigned property.

Create space in your homeFacilities Management Waste Clearance .

REE WASTE is dedicated to work with facilities managers and property managers for their facilities management waste clearance. We partner with facilities mangers for their waste management needs. REE waste provides waste clearance for facilities managers, waste clearance for property managers. We also assist in maintaining and lowering your impact on the environment through waste recycling and efficient waste management for facilities. REE WASTE does not just collet waste for facilities managers. As part of our commercial waste collection service, REE WASTE can assist with making your operations more efficient, such as help manage your waste segregation for you and clear waste at competitive prices. Our prices make cost savings for your organisation and our level of service provide a reliable partner that always collects waste on a timely manner. Our efficient service reduces the pressure of managing single site and multiple facilities for managers. Contact REE WASTE for your property management waste and facilities management waste clearance needs

End of Tenancy rubbish removal
Office Waste Removal

Waste Electrical and Electronic EquipmentWEEE Clearence .

REE waste management deals with all kinds of electrical waste and recycling services. When conducting WEEE Clearance of electrical waste disposals, we comply to UK and European standards by operating within the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulation (WEEE). All electrical items are collected with WEEE consignment notes and brought to WEEE certified recycle centres. As technology evolves, electrical items soon become obsolete or do not fulfil expectations, making them disposed of in working order and not functioning. Whatever the case, as part of our commercial waste collection service, we collect and bring to WEEE recycle centres for you. REE WASTE is fully licenced waste carrier and we operate with fully licenced WEEE centres making us the right choice for WEEE rubbish clearance that is legal and within regulations. WEEE items range from computers, screens, fridges, transformers, audio equipment, printers and any other electrical items that are regulated.

Create space in your homeCoffee Grounds Recycling.

REE WASTE can collect your coffee waste. The coffee grounds can be recycled and so we can collect these and have your coffee grounds recycled. If you are a coffee shop that utilises volumes of coffee, you will have plenty of coffee grounds, which is a perfect opportunity for coffee grounds recycling. The coffee grounds are dried and the dried spent coffee grounds are then used for 3d printing, automotive parts, sunglasses and more. The spent coffee grounds can also be reprocessed to food grade for use as natural flavourings and colourings and more. These ground coffee beans can even be halal and Kosher certified for grading purposes. Other uses also include biofuels which means you can help reduce your carbon footprint with helping supply these fuel types. As part of our commercial waste collection service, REE WASTE can recycle your coffee grounds.

Coffee Grounds Recycling

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