5 Places People Get Confused Whether They Live in London or Surrey

January 19, 2021by admin

So you live in the green area of outstanding natural beauty known as Surrey. Or do you? You may live at an address that you know in terms of geographic location and address, but do you really know the county you live in. People tend to get confused about where they live in the following areas.

The boundaries of Surrey were updated in 1965 when forming Greater London, here are the areas that are actually in London and not in Surrey . The reason for the confusion is that historically these areas were in Surrey and the postcode system was not updated by Royal Mail to cater for the shift in Surrey boundaries. People also refer to certain areas as Surrey on postal addresses and use this on letters and references. Many addresses still state Surrey on the postal address. This is out of date and can lead to confusion for residents and prospective visitors.

Certain areas have been added to London and removed from Surrey. Lets remove the confusion once and for us. Here are those areas:


1. Kingston upon Thames, KT London Area

Kingston upon Thames is not a Surrey town. Contrary to what people think, Kingston is actually part of London. The affluent area covering 37.25 km², with it shopping centre, many restaurants and bars, home to many offices, a beautiful riverside, and Kingstonian Football club are all home to Greater London. If you live in Kingston upon Thames, you will need to ask for Rubbish removals in London, or Rubbish removals near me in Kingston, New Malden or Surbiton,

Kingston waste disposal
Kingston Market

2. Richmond Upon Thames, KT London Area

Richmond upon Thames is not a surrey town. Located in south West London at a size of 5.38 km², famous for its proximity to Twickenham rugby stadium, with its bars, restaurant riverside walkway and plush homes. Richmond was formerly part of Surrey, whoever along with Kingston it changed to Greater London in 1965. If you live in the area of Richmond, you will need to ask for rubbish removals in London, or rubbish removals near me in Richmond.

Richmond waste disposal
Views from Richmond Hill

3. Merton, SW London Area

Merton is a borough that is clearly marked in London covering an area of 37.61 km². One of the most famous boroughs in the UK with the famous postcode of SW19, made famous by the international tennis tournaments that take stage there. With its more urban feel to the other regions mentioned here, it offers a town centre with its own Wimbledon football club that is coming back, tennis and the Wimbledon village with its quaint shops. Raynes park and parts of Morden also are included in this borough. If you live in the Merton area, you will need to ask for rubbish removals in London, or rubbish removals near me in Merton, Wimbledon, Raynes Park, Morden.

Wimbledon waste disposal
Scene at Wimbledon Tennis in Merton


4. Sutton, SM London Area

Sutton is located between Carshalton and Banstead and covers an area of 43 km². It is a town that is known for its office space, Sutton library and adult centre, and its long high street and Sutton FC.  One of the busier towns in the area, this old surrey town became part of London in 1965 also. If you live in the Sutton area, you will need to ask for rubbish removals in London, or rubbish removals near me in Sutton.

Sutton waste disposal
Sutton High Street

5. Croydon, CR  London Area

Croydon is one the largest and most vibrant regions in the area, set at 88.06 km², it has a lot to offer. Well known for its offices, home office headquarters, and Boxpark, and the large superstores on Purley way. The new Westfield shopping centre that has been confirmed to the area, coupled with its excellent train links into central London, Croydon is an area that is very much in development for the better. If you live in the Croydon area, you will need to ask for rubbish removals in London, or rubbish removals near me in Croydon.

Croydon waste disposal
Old Croydon Airport

As a conclusion don’t be surprised if you are told you live in Surrey when you live in London, or vice-versa as the changes to boroughs happened in 1965 people still remember the old status We hope our blog has cleared up some confusion in the London and Surrey area.

When REE WASTE is requested for waste removal in London these areas are included as we consider them as London and so our London team are dispatched to provide the service. All of these areas are popular for man and van caged rubbish clearance and so we cater to these areas very frequently considering them as our local area for rubbish collection in Greater London. You are welcome to contact REE WASTE for waste removal prices in whatever area you are in London, Surrey and surrounding counties for an efficient waste removal service.

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