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REE WASTE offers a professional and friendly rubbish removal service. We are a professional waste management company. As we are fully licenced you can rest assured, REE WASTE adhere to UK regulations for waste removal in an ethical way.

REE WASTE rubbish removal can be scheduled for a time that suits your personal needs. We will remove your unwanted items and waste in a professional manner. REE WASTE offers the best value for money prices. Whatever the type of residential rubbish removal we have been assigned to conduct, we will do it on time and as promised.

Below are examples of residential waste we collect. Whatever your needs for waste removal, simply book us in and we will be there to remove that unwanted rubbish. We operate waste clearance in London, Surrey & South East England

Below are some of the domestic waste management services REE WASTE offers:

House Rubbish Clearence

Cheaper than skip hireHouse Clearance .

Many houses need clearing of rubbish. Whether you are doing that spring clear-out you have been putting off, or you just moved into a property, there is always a helping hand for a house clearance with REE WASTE. If you have moved into a new property you will need household rubbish removal that is professional, prompt and can be adapted to your needs. We can assist you with removing unwanted furniture, fixtures and fittings from your house clearance. Our wait and load service are also popular as you can clear all rubbish promptly, without taking up driveway space, waiting for skips to be recollected or applying to the local authority for a skip permit. REE WASTE house clearance is one of our best sellers for domestic waste collection, as we can carry the junk for you and load it into our waste trucks. Our prices include this service as stated.

Create that perfect garden spaceGarden Clearance .

REE WASTE conducts garden waste removals on a regular basis. We offer competitive prices for garden clearance, including shed removal, unwanted greenhouse removals. As REE WASTE is available 7 days a week, we can also collect your garden waste on Sundays which is popular with those conducting their own garden clearance on the weekend and weekdays. With spring and summer months, many people look at clearing their gardens. Removing unwanted furniture, removing unwanted trees, clearing grass, shrubs, old patio paving slabs, removing sheds, removing greenhouses and more. REE WASTE is the perfect partner for domestic waste collection and clearing your garden as our team is hands-on, professional and helpful. Garden clearance with REE WASTE is simply timesaving, value for money and a stress-free process. Our experience in garden clearance will benefit your garden clearance project in a positive way.

Garden Rubbish Removal

Cheaper than skip hireGarage Clearance .

Garages were originally created to store vehicles when not used, whether overnight or for longer periods. Nowadays our homes have more than one car, and garages are now not used for vehicles. They are instead used for a haven of unwanted items along with storage of activity equipment, garden equipment, bikes, garden furniture and more. When a garage gets overfilled, it is often cleared in one go with a garage clearance service.

REE WASTE can assist with your garage clearance by removing rubbish from the garage. We can be involved to the extent you require, with a team that can lift and remove the rubbish from your garage for you. We can park up next to your garage and remove the rubbish and fill our large cage tipper truck – which is equivalent to a large skip. Perfect for instant results in garage clearance. don’t put off that residential waste collection and garage clearance any longer as REE waste is here to assist you with getting rid of your unwanted waste.

Create space in your homeAttic Clearance .

We all have those unwanted items lying around. For those lucky enough to have an attic or loft, these items are often stored out of the way and out of site in lofts and attics. There does come a time that hoarding unwanted items in the loft or attic has come to an end, and you want this rubbish removed. REE WASTE domestic waste collection service clears attics and lofts. If you have a whole floor attic full of unwanted items, we can come and remove them for you. We can be involved by going into the loft or attic and collecting the unwanted rubbish with our attic clearance service or we can take them from outside your house, whichever you prefer. REE WASTE often clears attics and clears lofts, creating a new-found potential room in your home for maybe a games room, loft conversion, attic floor or just to store new storage items.

Property Waste Clearance
Garden Waste Removal

Cheaper than skip hireOutbuilding Removal .

Outbuildings add space and value to your home. Many gardens have sheds, greenhouses, summer houses built on their land. When these outbuilding have been overused or deteriorate over time, they then naturally turn into unwanted rubbish and that’s where out outbuilding removal service comes in. Sheds are usually made of wood and so the lifespan of shed is sometimes just 10 years making shed removals popular with REE waste. The same applies to greenhouses and summer houses. REE waste is experienced in removing outbuildings safely and speedily. Our team will come and remove your unwanted shed, greenhouse or summer house. We can remove the rubble if you have dismantled your structure, or we can come and physically dismantle the building such as shed for you. The REE WASTE domestic waste collection and professional team can take the hassle out of removing your unwanted garden buildings as we take over as much of the task you want us to.

Create space in your homeHoarder Rubbish Removal .

We all have a moment we feel like we have collected too much clutter. This natural hoarding can be minor or a major factor in our life. Some are not just hoarding on a small scale but develop a Hoarding disorder. They hoard or collect items and cannot let go of them as they feel that they may be useful in the future or they have sentimental value. This hoarding can lead from items of value or rubbish that is kept in attics, lofts, garages, sheds and then leads into the living space they spend every day in. Hoarding can negatively affect peoples lives, increasing stress, anxiety, depression, OCD. Hoarded items that are considered rubbish by most, from newspapers to electrical items, clothes, kitchen utensils and anything else are often hoarded. This hoarding not only affects the hoarder but also their family. It is estimated 1.5 million people suffer from hoarding in the UK.

REE WASTE domestic waste collection team understands hoarding is a sensitive subject. Families are under pressure and often embarrassed to deal with the issue. We are professionals, and we deal with hoarding clearance. We can remove items and clear rooms in stages for you and understand the sensitive nature and how it affects the hoarder. Contact REE waste for complete clearance of hoarding or for a structured approach to help clear hoarded rubbish with our hoarded rubbish removal service.

Paper Waste Removal

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